The French coined the phrase ‘joie de vivre’ and therefore it should come as no surprise that their country is one of the most popular places in the world for not only visitors, but also those who choose to emigrate. You can explore the impressive cities with their world famous monuments:


or wander the beautiful little French towns and villages of the south:


taking in the impressive Roman monuments scattered through the countryside:


or even join the glitterati on the Cote d’Azur:


There is much to please the eye and that is before considering what delights there are to tempt the taste buds:


France has much to offer in terms of ‘hands-on’ experiences too, from horse riding in the Camargue, to tasting some of the 300 plus varieties of cheese for which France is so famous, to picnics by the Pont du Gard or wine tasting in chateaux in the Bordeaux region.  A trip with Lucy Loves Travel will ensure that you leave with a true ‘joie de vivre’.

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