Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where in Europe do you set up trips?

Throughout Europe. My personal expertise lies in southern Europe: Italy, Spain, Greece and France. But I also set up trips in all other European destinations, including the UK, as I have a network of excellent trusted, local travel suppliers in other countries, thanks to my years spent working in over 15 countries and over 200 cities and my having worked in the travel sector for over fifteen years.

Will you be on the trip with us?

On some trips I will also personally guide. This would be discussed during the initial consultation. 

If you’re not guiding who would guide?

I have a little black book of excellent, trusted tour guides and tour managers who are lively and interesting.

Do you set up trips outside of Europe?

I am also able to set up trips in India and the US. 

What languages do you speak?

I speak fluent Spanish, French and Italian and a small amount of Greek which is increasing daily! My language skills have enabled me to forge excellent relationships with local suppliers and ensure I obtain great deals and excellent service for my clients.

What kind of budget do we require?

This entirely depends on the length of the trip, when you’re travelling (peak season or off-season), the destination (some countries and some places within those countries are more expensive than others) and whether or not you have a tour manager travelling with you. 

When I set up a full service trip, with all hotels, restaurants, transfer, guides, activities, restaurants, tour manager etc, then prices begin at around €5000 per person. .

It’s important to bear in mind that many travel companies will quote very cheap prices when they sell a trip and then, upon arrival, the true cost of the holiday really becomes clear, as optionals are sold at that point and mean the trip overall costs a great deal more.

Another point to consider is that tours with LLT are private. You are not with other people and the itinerary and services are tailored to you. Large group tours can be cheaper because the costs are shared among many. This has the advantage of making a trip cheaper, but on the flip side it means that you are sharing your holiday and all the experiences with a large number of other people and are subject to everyone else’s wants and needs, walking pace and adherence to timings etc….

I offer extremely competitive pricing and great value for money.

What kinds of hotels will we stay in?

I work with four and five star hotels in general, but on occasion, there are exceptional three star hotels with whom I work (the star system is very convoluted and varies country to country and isn’t necessarily the most accurate way of assessing the quality of a hotel). 

Do you set up flights to and from Europe?

No, in my experience people prefer to make their own flight arrangements, so that they have greater flexibility and choice. 

Do you sell travel insurance?

No. Upon booking I provide all clients with a list of possible insurers they could contact if they wish (these insurers have nothing to do with LLT and these are just suggestions). In that same document I also make it clear what type of insurance is necessary for travel to Europe. 

I do not believe anyone should book a trip to Europe, particularly in today’s climate, without travel insurance and have always asked my clients to book travel insurance to protect themselves. At present, I would suggest that anyone travelling anywhere ensured that they have insurance specific to the pandemic, to ensure that they are not out of pocket if anything were to occur that meant they were unable to travel or if anything happened on the trip itself. Taking out travel insurance means you can sit back and relax and not worry about the ‘what ifs’. 

How long before we go should we book?

2022 bookings are up massively across the board, as there is pent up demand due to the lack of travel over the past two years. This means it’s advisable to book as early as possible in order to stay in the best places and get the best deals. 

What is the Covid situation in Europe at present?

The Covid situation in Europe, much as in the rest of the world is fluid. However, there are general trends. One is that vaccination passports are being required by more and more countries in order to enter museums, some restaurants etc (at present 22 European countries require this). Vaccination passports/certificates from other countries outside of the EU are accepted. 

At present many countries require a PCR or rapid antigen test, sometimes in addition to the vaccination and sometimes it’s an either or; often, if you have a vaccination, no such test is required. 

At present we do not know what will be required in 2022, but with the world anticipating a return to global tourism (bookings are up on the 2019 figures due to pent up demand) there is a general hope and expectation is that a lot of the restrictions in place in Europe (such as the need for tests and any quarantining) will be eased, particularly as we reach 80% plus vaccination rates in those countries, something that should be achieved in the coming months.

Do we pay a deposit?

At the moment of making a booking you will pay a deposit of 25% of the cost of the trip. A very small percentage of this is non-refundable as this is the admin fee. Given the Covid situation, the terms and conditions have been altered to allow for cancellation closer to the time, with no loss of monies. 

Upon booking you will be sent all terms and conditions, which includes details of payment schedules. 

How do we get in touch? is the quickest and easiest way to get in touch and from there I can organise a first consultation with you. 

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