“You may have the universe if I may have Italy”


I first moved to Italy when I was eight years old and attended the International School in Milan. This has proved to be my most enduring love story. The food, the fashion, the cars, the countryside, the people, the cinema, the music, the cities, the weather and so much more, it is little surprise that Italians refer to their country as Il Bel Paese (the beautiful country).


Trips with Lucy Loves Travel are about monuments as well as moments. Fortunately in Italy you can be one moment admiring buildings which date back two thousand years and a few minutes later, sitting in a piazza, wine in hand watching the world go by. Both are of equal importance on a trip to Italy.


A couple of fun facts about Italy to get you started:

Cappuccinos are only ‘permitted’ at breakfast. For the rest of the day Italians drink espresso coffee, as the name would suggest, on the go!


In Italy, if eating a traditional meal, you eat many courses (antipasti, pasta, meat, salad, dessert or fruit) giving rise to the expression ‘I am at the fruit’ which translates as I am fed up in English, as you are by that point, fed up!

Tortellini background

Therefore, sit back, enjoy ‘travelling’ through Italy via some of the itineraries I have designed below (please click on the photos) and contact me at to discuss these or any other Italy trip you might want to do. Any trip with Lucy Loves Travel is customised to suit the individual needs of the client. For ideas of trips you might like to take, please click on the below or contact me at

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