‘You may have the universe if I may have Italy’


Italy transcends being just a mere country. It is a dream, a song, romance, love and so much more. If you are interested in experiencing Italy as the locals do and in having a personalised tour set up for just you, then please email: for a free, initial consultation. Tours with LLT are unique both to you, and in what they offer. You could find yourself making tortellini pasta in Bologna or zipping around the Prosecco hills on a Vespa. You could be cycling the streets of Lecce, stopping off for a taralli tasting or to sample some of Puglia’s famous wines. Or perhaps you’re interested in art. You could visit the Uffizzi to learn from the masters before chancing your hand (literally) by creating your own frescoes.

I lived for many years in Italy, in Milan, Siena and Rome and spend a lot of time there every year for work. It is one of my favourite countries and few countries can rival all that Italy has on offer: amazing food, beautiful cities, stunning beaches, an incredible cultural legacy to name but a few of her charms. And then of course there are the Italians themselves, a welcoming, charming and wonderful people who love nothing more than to share their love of their country with those who come to visit.

Whatever your desires, I am here to turn your dreams into reality, so please contact to find out more.


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I live in Barcelona and have spent the past fourteen years working as a European Tour Guide/Tour Manager. I lead tours in Italy, Spain, France and Greece on a permanent basis and also tour manage in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the UK. My on-the-ground experience led me to set up my own company which specialises in bespoke tours of Italy, Spain, France and Greece for individuals, families and smaller groups. I want to encourage everyone to 'Explore. Dream. Discover'.

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