Lucy Loves Travel is to travel what the slow movement is to food. All of my trips are carried out with a balance between activities which create a connection between you and the places you are visiting and time for you to enjoy on your own. Holidays are about escaping from, not mimicking, your every day.

My itineraries will also include one surprise element; we are all children at heart after all.

There will be no such thing as a typical guided tour. Tours will always involve an element of participation by you, such as tasting your way through a place via its local specialities. To paraphrase Italo Calvino, you need to eat a country, swallowing it whole, in order to get to know it.

For an amuse bouche of what a trip with Lucy Loves Travel might look like, please click on the links below:

IMG_2281Pearl of Puglia



IMG_0002Food, Glorious Food: From Venice to Florence



IMG_1196Independent Spain: From the Basque Country to Barcelona


IMG_5009Tales of Andalucía


fullsizeoutput_267cBy Royal Appointment


IMG_2010The Page Turner


A truly bespoke service…


‘Lucy Loves Travel’ is so called because I want my company name to sum up my attachment to travel which has been my life’s work. I have been lucky enough to work in tourism for the past thirteen years. This means I have thirteen years’ on-the-ground experience. Thirteen years of suppliers I have personally met and dealt with. Thirteen years of eating in over 150 cities across Europe (and beyond) and sleeping in more hotel rooms than I care to remember. Listening to some of the best and worst local guides across ten countries and numerous cities. Thirteen years of adapting itineraries to ensure that they reflected clients’ capabilities and interests. Few other companies can offer this level of bespoke service. Furthermore, I worked for a couple of years as an events manager in Rome which further added to my experiences. I can organise anything from your honeymoon to a family holiday, with everything in between.  I put my name and face to my company because I believe that it is really my experience, my love and enthusiasm for travel and my dedication to creating the very best trip for you that makes my company different.


Countries I have worked in and where ‘Lucy Loves Travel ‘organises trips…

Italy, Spain, France, Greece, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Turkey, Croatia, Montenegro, England, India and Morocco.

My expertise lie in Italy, Spain, France, Greece and the UK, but I also have contacts and experience in working in the other countries, so should you require services in those countries, I would be delighted to set up trips there for you too.

What services do you require?

I offer anything from hiring truly great local guides to accompany you on a tour you have set up yourself, to actually setting up entire tours complete with tour manager, and everything in between. Please do not hesitate to contact me at: where you can explain your specific needs in greater detail.



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