I first came to Barcelona in 2006 and found myself drawn back both for work and pleasure. In fact I am one of the truly fortunate people for whom work really is a pleasure, clichéd as that may sound. I moved to Barcelona to live in 2013 and in 2016 bought my flat in the heart of the city.


Of course any good Catalan will tell you that Barcelona, and indeed Catalonia, is not Spain. They consider themselves a people apart from the general Iberian peninsula, not least given their history and their official language: Catalan. Barcelona is also a cosmopolitan metropolis and therefore quite different to the surrounding towns and villages where a slower pace of life is more typical.


Then of course there are the other seventeen ‘autonomías’ (states) of Spain. The southern state of Andalucía rich in Moorish history with jewels such as the Alhambra in Granada.


Or the mezquita of Cordoba


And this is without even talking of the people and their traditions which still very much inform their way of life:

And then of course the food:


Lucylovestravel offers a truly bespoke service with contacts built up from the past twelve years spent working in tourism. This means not only will you be in the hands of someone who has ‘on the ground’ experience, it also means the tour will be tailored to suit individuals. I promote a ‘hands on’ approach:


After all, travelling is about engaging all the senses…


Trips could mean a walk in the mountainous Asturias region, followed by sampling some of the cheese and cider for which the region is so well known


or it could mean learning how to Flamenco:


All I need you to do is to share your dreams so that I may make them come true. For an idea of the types of trips I can organise for you, please click on the below or contact me at

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