“Lucy was charming, brilliant, engaging and crisply organized. My life is richer for having her in it. She is a rare gem”

(Adrienne, travelled around Italy with Lucy)

One of the most intelligent, hard working dedicated and fun people I know. Touring with Lucy is an experience as impactful as the places we explored. She took care of her groups as if they were her own family. Thank you Lucy.

(Joseph, travelled around Europe with Lucy)

We can’t say enough about Lucy Ryan — she is an absolute treasure. She added enormously to our enjoyment of the city because of her extensive knowledge, the enormous amount of background detail she could provide, and the warmth and humor with which she did it all

(Mary, travelled with Lucy in Spain)

Lucy was absolutely wonderful in every way: knowledge, temperament, personality, and organization.

(Joanne, travelled with Lucy in Spain)